Green Book Project continues

My work on the Chapman House in Needham continues. The installation I am planning is beginning to take shape. I still have to work out a venue and I’m still in search of an historian to give me critical feedback. If you know someone who might be interested in working with me on the project (from a history/content standpoint), please reach out to me directly at:

And thanks!

Laser-cutting watercolor paper for Green Book Art Installation.

From Movement to Mark-Making

As promised, I've begun putting the new paintings up on our website. I'm working with four very defined palettes and a visual language that I developed while working with dancers this winter. Click the link below to see 16 new paintings from this series.

Halfway There...

ReadingChatIMG_0252 IMG_0255IMG_0256

One performance down, one to go. I wanted to share the image from our Google Chat just to remind us of just how far we have come since November! The crazy winter weather had us meeting remotely at times, and yet somehow it all came together. Last night was SO FUN!!! We had a terrific turn out, and it was fantastic to see the work from Arches and TBD! With sincere gratitude to everyone,…

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